Fish smoking in Ghana: A woman uses metal drum kilns to smoke tuna fish in Accra, Ghana. Using traditional kilns to smoke fish exposes fish smokers to substances such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), fine particles, and carbon monoxide. PAHs are known carcinogens and have been linked to skin, lung, and several other cancers. Copyright © 2020 Muntaka Chasant
Human suffering image: An urban poor man swims in the heavily polluted Korle Lagoon to collect plastics. Copyright © 2020 Muntaka Chasant
Plastic pollution: An urban poor man held on tightly to his collected plastics in a sack even as he nearly submerged in the polluted Korle Lagoon. Copyright © 2020 Muntaka Chasant
Hazardous child labour: Poor boy with a prosthetic (artificial) eye at Agbogbloshie, Ghana. © 2020 Muntaka Chasant
Documentary filmmaking: Japanese photographer and cinematographer Hideyo Fukuda near thick toxic smoke grabbing a scene during many weeks of filming at Agbogbloshie, Ghana, an area ranked alongside Chernobyl. Copyright © 2019 Muntaka Chasant
Picture of children engaged in child labour in Ghana. Copyright © 2020 Muntaka Chasant
Pain and struggle image: Photograph of a young man in a desperate struggle to survive in a cold, harsh urban environment. Copyright © 2020 Muntaka Chasant
Child labour image: A 15-year-old boy engaged in hazardous child labour is using his bare hands to dig into a mixture of dirt and small metals, including rusty nails. He is sifting dirt from the metals before selling them at $0.15 per kilo at Agbogbloshie, Ghana. An estimated 73 million children worldwide aged 5-17 works are in dangerous working conditions, according to ILO statistics. © 2020 Muntaka Chasant
African Elephants: Photo of African Elephants in the Tarangire National Park, Tanzania. © 2015 Muntaka Chasant

Plastic Pollution Plastic Pollution Photos Poverty in Ghana Urban poverty

Plastic Pollution Photos

Africa has one of the world’s poorest youth populations. The photographs below are only a small glimpse into how a 25-year-old urban poor Ghanaian man is determined to survive in Accra's harsh urban environment.

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Agbogbloshie Environmental Pollution Ghana Society

Men Recycle Heliax Coaxial Cables at Agbogbloshie

Burning heliax coaxial cables in the open to recover copper-clad steel release highly toxic chemicals into the environment.

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Acadja Atidza Black Mangroves Mangroves in Ghana Society

Mangroves in Ghana: Man Cuts Down Mangrove Trees To Construct Atidza Traps

Video and photos of a man transporting mangrove branches over the Densu River. Mangroves, also known as the Guardians of the Coast, provide incredibly important ecosystem services, including support for threatened species.

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