Accra, Ghana: Urban poor men work through sunset to recover recyclable plastics and other materials. Copyright © 2020 Muntaka Chasant
Hazardous child labour: A 12-year-old boy uses a hammer to dismantle an old CRT TV to recover the iron materials inside. Agbogbloshie, Ghana. Copyright © 2020 Muntaka Chasant
Youth poverty image: Children engaged in hazardous child labour in Accra, Ghana. Copyright © 2020 Muntaka Chasant
Hard working man: A semi-naked man is sweating working near a fire in the early morning light. Thousands of young people in Ghana flee rural poverty to cities in search of economic opportunities every year. With no education, many of them turn to the informal sector, where some of them engage in hazardous works. © 2020 Muntaka Chasant
Documentary filmmaking: Japanese photographer and cinematographer Hideyo Fukuda near thick toxic smoke grabbing a scene during many weeks of filming at Agbogbloshie, Ghana, an area ranked alongside Chernobyl. Copyright © 2019 Muntaka Chasant
African cattle grazing: A herd of African beef cattle forages on an e-waste dumpsite in Agbogbloshie, an area renowned for its heavy metals pollution. Copyright © 2020 Muntaka Chasant
Urban Suffering: Urban poor man carries a plastic sack on his head with liquid dripping from it in Accra, Ghana. 41% of people in Africa live in extreme poverty, with the World Bank estimating that nearly 9 out of every 10 people in extreme poverty will be living on the continent by 2030. © 2020 Muntaka Chasant
Informal recycling at Agbogbloshie: Man is openly incinerating car steering wheels to reclaim the aluminium materials inside. Decades of primitive and informal e-waste and auto parts recycling at Agbogbloshie have contaminated the soil, groundwater, and Accra's air. © 2020 Muntaka Chasant
A 76 years old urban poor fisherman work through early evening hours. Copyright © 2020 Muntaka Chasant
Man Smiling Photo: Poor hard-working African man smiling at the camera. © 2019 Muntaka Chasant
Fishing in Ghana: Frustrated urban poor man gets ready to cast his fishing net over the heavily polluted Korle Lagoon. Copyright © 2020 Muntaka Chasant
Fisheries and climate change: A poor fisherman gets ready to cast his net — once again — over the Amisa Lagoon in Ghana after repeat attempts without a single catch. Ocean warming is altering marine fish productivity and distribution. This has increased the incidence of poverty among small-scale fishers in Ghana. Copyright © 2020 Muntaka Chasant
Aerial landscape photography: Aerial view of salt marsh in an upper intertidal zone. Accra, Ghana. Copyright © 2020 Muntaka Chasant

Boxing in Ghana Charles Quartey Foundation Football in Ghana Jamestown-Accra-Ghana Joshua Clottey Street football in Ghana Urban poverty

Joshua Clottey Plays Street Football in Ghana

Joshua Clottey has fought many great boxers, including Manny Pacquiao. He is a legend on the streets of Jamestown, where he grew up. See him play street football on concrete with the urban poor.

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Atidza Climate Change Densu Delta Densu River Mangroves in Ghana

Fishing in Ghana: Atidza, Mangroves, and the Densu Delta Ecosystems

Tidal river fishermen have decimated the mangrove forest cover around the Densu Delta for traditional fish traps — with only around 16 red mangrove trees left standing. Mangrove biomass is critical for mangrove fish assemblages, which the fishers depend on. This habitat degradation has led to a loss of biodiversity in the area — leading to a decline in fish stock in the Densu intertidal zone. The video below explores this problem with some amazing aerial landscape views.

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